A Jar Of Sea

July 22, 2014

A Jar Of Sea

Swells lifted and fell with tormenting regularity
Pounding the grief of ages through her soul
The night winds teased memories scroll
Lifting leaf by leaf his broken promises
Till only the decaying wood round her heart
Kept her afloat in the roiling ocean of dark
Betrayal that had brought her to the edge
Clinging on to the mast of eternities ship
Through the fog of misfortune her grip
Remained heartened by a sirens song
Thieving Pirates will sail into your port
Like gallant adventures seeking your heart
Sharing a sip from the jar of sea ambrosia
Swallow only the foam, leave the roses
Floating on waves to a beach there to lie
In the dark sands of memories hourglass
And return to port heal thy breast
A captain awaits to claim your troth

(clarice) 07/22/2014


Spaceballs Barvy

July 19, 2014

Plato, Tycho and Coernicus watched the supermassive black hole looming
In the path of their interplanetary travel route
As it neared Plato kest:
Spaceballs barvy! Thats one supernova ballooning
Get your cosmic wheels turning boys. We’re gonna shoot
Across the Universe into that alveolate nest.”

Sure as garvels have freckles
The foolish meat can travelers
Checked tackle, blasters and buckled
For a lightflight adventure

The radio master Tycho relayed their fleet
Calling Occupants of Interplanetary craft
We’re set in motion by the same big bang
That ‘Space Oddity‘ of blackness so deep
Awaiting all who dare its perilous mass
Hail Dirt flyers we’re hitting it full whang”

The meat canners set their course singing
Outer space stygian ink is my sea of nectar
It sets the fires juices tickling
As we probe its dimensions for treasure”

Like intergalactic speedsters they hauled jets
The atomic space bug they drove roared
Circling around the sun dead set
On invading the black space as yet unexplored
Jupiter and Saturn, Oberon, Miranda and Titania.
.Neptune, Titan, were avoided with care
Those Stars can frighten a Starsters crania

With planets aligning in the sunset sky
The trio sang ” We are the planets protectors
Celestial bodies aren’t farkled, or need to cry
We star wars soldiers are their ready defenders”

Coernicus laughed for the joy of this mission
“Boys,” he kest. “Black Color is my day-long companion
I don’t give a Psadan’s patoot whats ahead
Sun spots and space gas won’t put us out of commission
Hold on tight we’re entering that grand canyon”
And the massive cavern swallowed them in its murky bed

Sure as garvels have freckles
The foolish meat can travelers
Found some revelation space sprinkles
That did the dirty on the invading foreigners

The whole of the universe watched and waited
Would those star troopers survive and exit
The Black Hole of Naka
Would the No-being’s land, blast asteriated
The invading space bug polit, twit, split
And falanakaly samba them to bits in its huffa

All of space a twitter awaited the crews Yaa-yaah
But awaited in vain so it seemed amid rumor
That a snarly space dragon been seen circling Naka
Picking its teeth and in very good humor

(clarice) 07/19/2014

Marvin Martian this one is for you…And I used every guess in this

Definitions for words and phrases in blog:
Lightfight: Slang term for a fight involving blasters
Meat can: Slang for soldier, referring to armor
Do garvals have freckles?: A phrase equivalent to “Does night follow day?
Kest: An expletive.
Dirt flyer: Phrase used by Jagged Fel to describe an atmospheric pilot
Farkled: An adaptable expletive, as in, “You just got farkled.”, or used to describe any situation
………………………..which was bleak or disastrous, as in, “We’re farkled.
Give a Psadan’s patoot: Phrase that meant “to care about something”, however usually said as
……………………….”didn’t give” or “don’t give a Psadan’s patoot
falanakaly: crossly

‘Cherish The Moment’

July 13, 2014

‘Cherish the Moment’

Cherish the moments
We have so few in our rare air
Where lilies and blackbirds keep us focused
On their scheming claims for wizzy busy bees
Tempting them with veiled love affairs

The mouse and the mole hasten
Under a barbed potters pot
Lest the gardener lay a hoe on their hair
Taking the green falseness on spot
Off to a parade of village jeers

We tax and wax the land we share
Mighty moments descend with swift hand
A garden of fertiled peons are tended with care
Taking the breath we breathe to seethe
Watching will and decree die nullified

(clarice) 07/09/2014

5 Minuet write suggested by Deborah Trimble

The Devils Chutzpah

July 1, 2014



The Devils ChutzpahImage


Upon my personal equation,
                      a craven invasion of body and soul
Too beat’

           I repeat,
                      too beat to take the heat of persecution coals
Scorched, parched, perched in desperation on affliction cross
The devils chutzpah fast ` blasting` swag of miseries sauce
Plots to ensnare, scare , impair, me in despair if I should fall

His Demon curses rain,
Angels know only pain, weather vane compass`, insane` bane
Dance a tune he only hears, to waltz in assault upon my person

No where to hide,
No where to stay alive, mandemon perquisition fried

Driven to drink, to easy oblivion, to be briefly free of,
Callously given agony, apathy and malady, intimations cruel love

This chutzpah evil of
Hurdled words, bruised comments, black hits`, maim` precision
To my despair, jars the stray white liver, selfdom

Mortification’s tower,
                       cowered abyss,
                                      no sky in sight,
                                                    where is the light
Will salvation decry , rail, my jail .
                                                Ride to my side

One prayer, declared, plead to Heavens Ears,
Take my fears
               Give me cheer, hope and salvation
                                              from the bonds of persecution

The way was clear, destiny found, My God led me out
The Devils chutzpah dissolved,
                    solved as he was bound, chained and imprisoned
No longer to spread his animadversion and affliction.

(clarice) 07/01/2014




June 27, 2014

Touch me if you dare
The God's you follow won't care
 Medea knows your fickle touch
Leaving a red trail on the sea of erotica
Eros aphrodisiac
Of myrtle, poppy, rose and apple, turned magic
Carried upon a single dart to the heart

Was it not I 
In a golden chariot bedecked of rubies and amethyst
Who flew cross the stratosphere
Encased in the vestments of hearts rapture
Night after night
To find silken sheets and honey combs of desire
Wrapped in your arms

Arms hairy with betrayal
Learned in the whoring of man
Scaring each sweet virgin maiden
A red trail of a touch
Once felt, never healed
In death sought Satan gives no pardon
Just deflocking night after night

Its your red life’s blood
Flows cross the horizon
Tossed on the waves of evil frenzy
Suckled and spit into agonies cauldron
As I cast my desperation and madness
After your now dead heart
Wailing the loss of your arms
I'm bound chained and denied

(clarice) 12/08/2011

Count Your Blessings Before They Fade

June 27, 2014

Count Your Blessings Before They Fade

 It was the first Christmas I remember
Maybe because it was 1944 and my dad lay wounded in a hospital
Shrapnel in his back from a German U-Boat attack
My uncles Julius and Louie were on ships in the South Pacific
And Uncles Art and Virgil were sailing somewhere
Their where about’s unknown

 I remember seeing
Against a white shower on a all but deserted road
Reverend Risenhauer’s 1936 Lincoln Zephyr a navy shadow
Emerging out of the swirls of snow
The old folks, women and children waiting his arrival
Had sons, brothers, fathers and husbands battling for freedom
On foreign soils and seven seas

 They’d came in cars, horse drawn sleighs and wagons
Families like the Griffins and their seven passengers
Ma and Pa German who’d picked up twenty parishioners along the way
All bundled up on the wagon bed their carols floating in the air
Small groups of walkers made their way against the stinging wind
And here and there a horse and rider could be seen

 In the Mt Morris Bank’s second story meeting room
We gathered that Christmas Eve
I didn’t know then, that we were one of five such groups
From Our Savior Lutheran Church that the good pastor visited
On a circuit route because gas was scarce then
So he came to us using the gas donated with their ration stamps

 I stood in front of the congregation a wee small girl
Dressed in red and shivering fright
To say my Bible verse
They gave us bags of peppermint and homemade taffy
And I wondered what I’d done to make my mommy cry
She told me she was wishing Daddy was there

 As a  slow tear baths  my cheek
I count my blessings before they fade
Christmas came again the following year
I said my bible verse in church
And mama cried happy tears
The war was over, daddy and my uncles had came home

 (clarice) 01/15/2012

Boom` Boom` Boom`

June 27, 2014





Boom` Boom` Boom` 

The stage door was open, they couldn’t resist

From inside the beat of drums calling

Boom` boom` boom`

ta ta doom,

ta` doom` doom` dooooom!


And through the entrance they quietly snuck

Through maddened inky, voltaic verve pulsating air

Fiendishly alive beating, repeating its throbbing

Boom` boom` boom` ta dooooom!


Onto a stage smokey with film of ebony piceous

Where Magnum Opus stood in Ahriman’s being

His tattooed arms reaching toward the heavens


They hid, this adventurous dual, behind a large stage prop

Not noticing its Mephilesic eyes searing through them

Or its eight arms pulsing, twinging with the drums


“Puuu-waaaaash-sssssssssss boom` boom` hiss

Boom` doom` doom` ta` dooooom!


Their eyes only on the witch doctor as he called

Oh Gregal you, who lives and blows from Mazaal

Hijikisan who rules the Great Seas

Cholerihib fire of the ages

And Shalrth God of the deep

I’ve been calling your names

Come rulers of the elements to this scarification


Boom` boom` boom`

ta ta doom,

ta` doom` doom` dooooom!


The drums echoed all round the room


From all sides came zombies in stage make-up

Their bodies adorned with Tribal African body art

Body painting and art tattoos of fierce power

Dancing skeletons bent on voodoo hoodoo

Gyrating, prostrating uncontrollable urges

Their jungle jitters a ritual dance


To the constant beat

Boom` boom` boom` ta dooooom!


The conjuring ceremonial dance evolves

While the film of smoke dance evil flows round

The Witch Doctor is firm in his intent

Calling out “The body I occupy is my hidden Bolero

From the deepest depths of my spirit

I seek the arms of the elements to accept our offering


“Puuu-waaaaash-sssssssssss boom` boom` hiss

boom` doom` doom` ta` dooooom!

Intensity building


“Brother this guy is high to the sky”

Let’s scram before they know we are here”

Too late, they found themselves bound by eight

Pulsing, twinging arms and laid on an altar of stone

Zulu warriors rung round dancing

The dance of the night of the living dead

In step with the drums


Boom` boom` boom`

ta ta doom,

ta` doom` doom` dooooom!


Magnum Opus smiled a sneering welcome to the two

And raised his arms once more

Oh Gregal you, who lives and blows from Mazaal

Hijikisan who rules the Great Seas

Cholerihib fire of the ages

And Shalrth God of the deep

Come rulers of the elements to this scarification

Accept now our sacrifices


The drums thundered

Boom` boom` boom` ta dooooom!


Green tentacles of smoke driven fire

And wave upon wave of hiiki weed filled the air

The elements dove and beat a rapid tattoo

Tearing the hapless duos clothing to shreds

Leaving them bound by the hiiki threads


And the beating increased

“Puuu-waaaaash-sssssssssss boom` boom` hiss

boom` doom` doom` ta` dooooom!


The satanic dancers circled closer and closer

The elements pushing their fierce powers

As the green tentacles of smoke heated the altar

The heat intense, searing, roasting the duo

Now sweating with fear for their lives


And those damn drums continued

Boom` boom` boom`

ta ta doom,

ta` doom` doom` dooooom!


The audience rose to their feet

Bravo, Bravo they cried

Their clapping in unison to the drum beats

Boom` boom` boom` ta dooooom!

As the curtain dropped.


(clarice) 06/23/2014




June 20, 2014




The shadow  gravely eclipsed in the rapine stained earth
Leaves its cadaverous berth
Still reeling its passing from life to surcease
It   floats above the scene
Watching the detectives
Taking stock of her grisly remains
A grim sight no longer budding innocence 
The once vital breathing waif –  lifeless
Her spirit gone
She grieves for her youth and all that is lost

A vertiginous issuance zephyr of lament and revenge
Her ghostly spirit begins her haunt
She cannot leave her miscreant  assailant
Angered that he is there enjoying his kill
Did they  not see
Did they not suspect
The lead detective flaunting, taunting them all
As he takes charge shaking with raging pretense
Her shadow passes over him and stalls

A keening wind whispering in the harsh twilight
Screaming ” I know who-oo , I know who-oo, I do”
Circled taunting the detective with a punishing bite
And the shadow with choking claws descends
He feels its length begin 
Tightening its long black form around his conscience
Maddening pressing the wind keeps taunting
The shadow tightens its  vengeance
Would it never end?
“When you confess, confess –  confess”
(clarice) 02/22/2014

Where Falls Not Hail, Or Rain, Or Any Snow

June 19, 2014


She was a girl with a suitcase full of dreams
With a ticket to ride for a visit
To a land of kings and queens
A bolting spirit looking to be lost in transit

The wind, the road and the way
And a bus named desire
Lure the young runaway
Pretty in polka dots, ancient expired

Waiting not the wrath of God
Her lament not to see a land again
Where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow

Dark shadows scorpion is left behind
The road home is but a dream
Where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow

Hang on to your hat and carry on
Abbadon’s sword is buried in hell
Nostalgia takes the form of a swan
Graceful satire flight from evils death knell

Now a lady in waiting, waiting at the bus stop
Her golden curls flying in the wind
Where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow

A waiting game she dare not lose
Returning to Bogan would be the final straw
Greed and lust, thrust, tentacles reaching, black and blue
The road ahead a beckoning freedom call

To a land of kings and queens
Freedoms dream takes her away from the land
Where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow


The plight of many young girls and boys is finding themselves lost
Not wanting to live in the abusive atmosphere that has been their lot
We all want to say it isn’t so. These desperate children searching for freedom
This poem is written for them

 “Where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow”  from Tennyson’s Morte D’Arthur

Pooh Pooh

June 17, 2014


Slightly past tipsy
Waving her glass of whiskey
She declared
“Drinks all around, I’ve been skating
With the devil and survived”
“By any accepted standard I have had more than nine lives
I counted them up once and there were 13 times
I almost and maybe should have died”

A fellow at a nearby table
Laughed and said “Better hitch up your girdle
I think we’re about ta hear a Micky Mouse yarn.”

“Oh Pooh! Pooh!” she sneered
Sipped profusely from her ale-urn
And began:

“My first brush with death was
With a nightmare on Elm Street
An extremely ugly girl who attacked me
Using her pink Jordans like hammers
The volatile manic stomped me senseless
Left me hanging by my pinky finger
Defenseless against any devil’s trigger.”

The motor mouth heckler fell out of his chair
“Tootsie. This ain’t Disney World
And its not worth the price of admission
For a gander of whats under your hair.”

“Oh Pooh! Pooh” she retorted
Don’t rain on my parade you Mort
Turned to the crowd and continued her tale

The Awful Truth of this horror I experienced
Is never trust a Bosom Buddie with your pink ugg boots
When I asked for them back she attacked
Like a mama bear protecting her cubs, the brute
Tore, swore, scratched and left me lying on a railroad track
With a fast approaching diesel in route

She finished her whiskey in one swift gulp
Wiped her brow with a Micky Mouse,glove
The mouthy Psycho had tossed with his bull

Female Trouble she slurred
“Makes one a Topsy-Turvy Sweedie
Seven times I found my self at the point of a gun
Four times a knife wielding jelly had me on the run”

“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity
to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me”
“Cause in every instance I had to fight against their lethality
Pop an atomic fireball from the nearest snack machine
Become a street fighter and fight for my life”

“Is it any wonder I’m not Dancing in the Street
But Slightly past tipsy in this dive
With my buddy the heckler watching your reaction
To this fib I’ve told when you find out –
Smile – You’re on candid camera!”